Douglas Fisher combines crafted advertising photography with an in-depth knowledge of cutting edge production and post production techniques in an apparently effortless style. His passion for creating dynamic cinematic imagery shines throughout his work. Inspired by great masters of the craft such as Ansel Adams, Doug’s boundless quest for knowledge has put him at the forefront of modern creative image making.

Known as the “go to guy” to solve complicated shooting scenarios, Douglas Fisher has been on the bleeding edge of many of today’s image based technologies. Not only can Doug provide beautiful imagery, but solutions that harness the latest in image creation techniques. From high dynamic range photography through to photogrammetry and computer generated imagery. Featured in both Luerzer’s Archive’s 200 Best Photographers and Luerzer’s Archive’s 200 Best Digital Artists, you can be assured that your project is in safe hands.

Doug’s working process is grounded in pre planning and preparation, which makes for a very smooth and predictable workflow during a project. During the planning phase of a project, Doug will often make use of pre visualisation in order to solve issues before they arise, therefore alleviating many of the problems that can be encountered on set. Combined with his extensive knowledge of the post production process, Doug shoots images that are “pipeline” friendly and will fit into any post production process.

With shoots getting ever more complex, Doug has often provided look development on projects during the shoot so that Art Directors and Clients have confidence in the final vision.

Knowledge & Skills


Doug has always had a passion for photography. His experience spans 3 decades in Design & Advertising. He learnt his photograpic skills in traditional large format advertising photography, where lighting control was everything. He has become a leading exponent in digital imaging, embracing the latest photographic techniques whilst combining them with the control and precision of traditional advertising photography. A prolific learner, you will often find Doug buried in technical papers studying the latest innovations in image creation.

Moving Image

Doug has a good deal of experience in moving image. From the creation of fully animated CG videos for product launch and visualisation, through to spots for TVC. Adopting digital cinematography from the start was a natural extension to Doug’s early adoption of digital photography. Doug’s knowledge of the whole process and his use of pre-visualisation can really help bring a project together. Planning is key and storyboard preparation is vital in attaining the required result. Doug can help in all these areas, making sure the whole process is a smooth and comfortable one.

CGI & Pre-Visualisation

Doug’s CGI capabilities stem from his fascination with the technical side of image creation and a never ending quest to learn new things. Self taught, with over 20 years of CGI experience, Doug knows how useful CGI is for modern production. Not only that, he knows exactly what is needed on set and the requirements that good CGI needs in order for it to be successful.

Pre-visualisation is the process of developing an idea in graphic or animated form before production costs are incurred. Using CGI, very technical solutions can be created and form a blueprint of what needs to be shot and from what angle to achieve the artistic vision. Camera positions, lenses and lighting can all be worked out before the shoot. Additionally experimentation of ideas is possible for relatively little cost.

Post Production

Doug has always done most of his own post production. From early on, he produced his own prints and developed his own printing techniques in the traditional dark room.  He has been doing digital post production as soon as it was possible. Having used “cutting edge technology”, some of which has long since disappeared, Doug is familiar with all the tools and techniques required to create the perfect image. This often extends into the pre production phase of a project to make sure that what is captured on-set slots into place in post production. When the need arises, Doug collaborates with experts in particular fields, such as animation, dynamics and organic modelling etc., to provide the perfect solution.


The following is a brief list of clients Doug has completed projects for.

Alcohol & Beverages

Guinness, Carlsberg, Carling, Gordon’s Gin, Diageo, Lucozade


Shell, Mercedes, VW, Land Rover, Citreon, Honda, BMW, Renault


Samsung, Sony Ericsson, NEC, Telenor


Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Reebok

Financial & Pharma

Standard Life Investments, INC, Bydureon, Roche Stretto